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Founded in October 2010 by Dr. W. Palmer Lowery, Med Point Urgent Care is a minor emergency facility with laboratory and X-ray on site. Dr. Lowery sees patients for minor illnesses, such as sore throat, bronchitis, mononucleosis and ear infections; and for minor injuries, such as lacerations, sprains and strains. Most of his patients are people who do have a primary care physician, but prefer to be treated right away rather than waiting for an appointment with their primary doctor.

Urgent care centers are good choices for health issues that need to be seen immediately but are not life threatening. If you fall down a flight of stairs and hurt your back or have a persistent cough, why go to an urgent care center instead of the emergency room? Two reasons: the cost and the wait time are generally less.

Another advantage particular to Med Point Urgent Care is that it's individually owned. Many urgent care centers are part of a hospital's network. Once a hospital buys an individually owned urgent care center, costs tend to rise: "It's a lot more expensive. That's not from me. That's from the AMA (American Medical Association)," Dr. Lowery says.

Also, if you go to an urgent care center affiliated with a hospital, and it turns out you need to see a specialist, they will refer you to someone in their network. This means you may have to wait, sometimes weeks, to see that specialist. With an individually owned urgent care center such as Med Point Urgent Care, Dr. Lowery and his staff can refer you to any specialist affiliated with any hospital so that they can likely find you a specialist who can see you sooner.

Dr. Lowery has more than 34 years of experience working as an emergency doctor. He was associate director, and eventually director, of the emergency department at Riverside Hospital for several years. And for the 27 years prior to opening Med Point Urgent Care, he was the physician manager at Sentara Urgent Care.

After caring for our community for nearly 40 years, Dr. Lowery will close Med Point Urgent Care and officially retire on April 30, 2017.

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